crèer la paix is french for “create peace” & i’ve been using that as a reminder to push through! over the last year, inner peace was something that i had to really dive deep to find within myself. literally i had to go to rock bottom and find it. i lost friendships, opportunities, relationships, everything . but once i did, i promised myself to never ever & i mean ever to let myself get that low ever again. i was heavily invested into fashion & that was my escape to the world, that was something that allowed me to be at peace and be in a place of comfortability! mental health affects over 51 million people yearly & 7 million of that number includes people of color. so through our releases , each piece will have it’s on significant meaning but overall will tie into the brands overall message to create that sense of inner piece within you!

“createpeaceworldwide” ✌🏽